Kanji Hacks 漢字の覚え方

How to memorize kanji so they stick


Meaning: woods, grove

Components: 木 (tree)

My hack: One tree is just a tree, 2 trees are a grove/woods.


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Meaning: car

My hack: This looks like a bird’s eye view of a chariot, which was the car of its day I suppose.

Photo by joaquinuy

Photo by joaquinuy

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Meaning: bolt of cloth, head count

My hack: I agree with Heisig that this looks like 正 (correct), with a little flourish on the end. (He calls it “mending.”) I like to remember it with since that one is easier to remember since it has such a clear visual.

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Meaning: leg/foot, enough

Components: 口 (mouth), and it looks a lot like 疋 (bolt of cloth)

My hack: To me, this really looks like a cartoon of a person running (“fleet of foot“). That 6th stroke could also remind you of an oversized foot.

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