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Meaning: small and thin (like a thread)

Components: 厶 (elbow), く (hiragana)

My hack: I imagine a skinny thread stuck to the back of my sleeve, sticking out from the back of my arm above the elbow.

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How is Kanji Hacks different from other kanji learning sites?

Glad you asked. There are a lot of fantastic sites out there where you can learn everything there is to know about kanji, but if you are anything like me, you just don’t have the time to go paddling around to find what you need. You’re at your desk thinking, “I have to have these memorized by tomorrow and I’ve hit a wall!” Kanji Hacks is your study aid that will help you get through all that tedious memorization so you can focus on the other zillion things vying for your attention.

You just search for the kanji you need, check out the memorization techniques, find one (or add one) that works for you, and you’re done.

The other thing that’s different is that you aren’t restricted to any particular set of rules, so whatever “hack” works is fair game. I know a lot of people like “Remembering the Kanji” (I used it myself for a long time) and those books are great resources, but sometimes it’s too hard to come up with a great “story.” If you’ve got a trick to remember a kanji that doesn’t follow the traditional rules, great! It may work for others too.

Everything’s still in the construction stage right now, but there’s more content added every day, so keep coming back!

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Meaning: left

Components: 工(こう craft, construction)

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